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Kimono and yukata rental shop perfect
for sightseeing in Kyoto


Kyoto Shijo Main Store


Kyoto Gion store


Osaka Umeda store


Osaka Namba store






Can I make a reservation by phone?

It is possible. We also accept online reservations, so please feel free to use it.

Can I change my plan on the day?

Yes, it can be changed.
However, depending on the reservation status on the day, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

※If you want to have your hair st yled, please be sure to make a reservation in advance.

I will be late for my reservation time. What should I do?

I f you will be late for more than 15 minutes, please call the store where you made your reservation.
Please note, if we do not receive a call, we will cancel your reservation.

About Kimono

Can I wear my own kimono?

It is possible to bring your own kimono.
We may decline your request depending on the reservation status on the day, so be sure to call the store in advance.
W e do not rent anything necessary for dressing, so please prepare yourself along with the kimono.
What you need: kimono(yukata)/belt/underwear/undershirt(juban)/date
tightening/front plate/waist strap(3 pieces)/sandals/socks/towel/bag

※We are sorry, but Furisode in January and Hakama in March are not acceptable.

Do you have large size kimonos?

We have large sizes available for both men and women.
As quantities are limited, please contact the store in advance.

Do you have formal wear?

We have hakama, furisode (long sleeved kimono), and homongi for women.
Our store specializes in sightseeing rentals.
Therefore, we do not recommend it for those attending ceremonies such as weddings, entrance ceremonies, and graduation ceremonies.
Please contact the store in advance.


Can I wear a kimono even if I’m pregnant?

You can wear kimono even during pregnancy. H owever, it may tighten your stomach, so we may refuse it in some cases.
Please contact the store in advance.

What time is the return time?

Please return to the store and change your clothes by 6:00pm.
If you arrive after 6:00pm, you will be charged an extension fee.

Which stores offer photo shooting plans?

The photo shooting plan is limited to the Gion store.
Advance reservations and advance payment are required, so ple ase contact the Gion store for details.
※Depending on the time of year, such as dur ing busy seasons, we may not be able to make a reservation for your desired date and time.

Wha t should I do i f I forgot something at the store?

Once found, we w ill keep it at our store for one month.
If we do not hear from you after one month, we will dispose of it.

What should I do if I get my rented kimono dirty?

We have an option called safety insurance. The price is 500yen per person.
This is a one time insurance policy that can be added on the day of your visit.

How long does it take to wear a kimono?

Choose a kimono about 10 minutes
Dressing = a bout 10 minutes
Hair set = about 15 minutes
Others = about 10 minutes
Total = about 40~45minutes

This time is approximate.
Depending on the reservation status on the day, there may be a waiting time.

WEB reservation